Umineko no Naku Koro ni 18

Umineko 18
Beato was being such a kindhearted chara here,, she helps Kanon and Jessica, but alas, Eva caught her and ordering the two bunny girls to kill beato, but even if beato already covered in blood, she didn’t die yet. Eva was so upset, and finally Beato disappeared.

there was a scene when Batora crying for Beato, because she said that she’s gonna use her red word to declare that witch isn’t exist. that would be mean killing her self.

in the end, Eva-obaa-san was found as the culprit.
Batora invited to the Golden land, and being forced to sign a paper, it means to admit Beato as a witch. Batora felt uneasy with this, and then~~ ja~ja~nn~~ Ange-chan no deban desu~~ *moe she appeared to help her brother, and here, Beato said that all of her ‘tsundereness’ was Virgillia’s plan. Batora really shocked with this,, (actually, me too 0.o ) and his grudge against Beato increasing.

Bernkastel appeared before Ange, at the top of some skyscraper building, bernkastel ask Ange to come to Rokkenjima, and stop the loop time when her family die (except for Eva, cause she’s the only one who survivied) and one think that bothering me here was, she called Ange as ‘Ange Beatrice’ the next Beatrice was the only one who can win against Beato~~ what’s that supposed to mean??! o.0




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