Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 16

umineko 16

in this epi, Eva as Beatrice was torturing the Ushiromiya’s fam, more ‘zankoku’ or cruel than the former Beatrice. she’s playing with their lives. killed them, revived them, killed them again,, *swt she’s a real yandere,,,
there’s new character pop out here, that’s Eva’s new Furniture, they’re the bunny girls, the pink one was a clumsy, and the green one was a yandere like Eva,,,
Kyrie, Rudolf, and Eva’s husband killed here. they want to take some food supply at the main house’s kitchen, but Eva catches an eye on them and targeting ’em,,,

kyrie and rudolf able to killed the former Beato’s furniture, the seven stakes, that’s why eva called another furniture that’s more cruel. kyrie and rudolf killed easily by the bunny girl,,,
before they’re killed, kyrie said that people that already played the game only, could understand. so here, we know that kyrie was loved Rudolf first, rather than Batora’s mother, (kyrie is Batora’s step mother) so, to be short, Batora’s mother was snatched Rudolf from Kyrie, so she’s full with hatred as waiting fo rudolf,,, T^T zankoku desu wa ne~~

again, Beatrice goes tsundere here,,, LOLZ she’s abandoned by Battler, because he said, she’s too cruel,, and Former Beatrice, Virgillia consoled her, so she could back to the ‘argument world’


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