Umineko no Naku Koro ni 15

umineko 15
wew,,, i watch the RAW only, so i’m a bit confused here,,, but several things i sure are:
1. Eva obaa-san was the one who founs the Golden land, so Beato appeared her self before her. but before that, Rosa obaa-san was came to that golden rooms too~~ but well,, i can’t explained it well in word,, T^T
2. Eva obaa-san senior high school version, became the next Beatrice.( actually, we already saw her before at the #rd ver of the OP~~) at first. she didn’t really accepted it, but occasionally, she accept that, and tortured Rosa and Maria.
3. Beato felt uneasy with Eva cruelness, so she kill Rosa and Maria forever, so that Eva can’t revive them again, and killed them again over and over~~
4. Battler that became more dizzy, suddenly slapped Beato (the second beato) cuz, she palyed with other people life~~


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