Valkyria Chronicles 24-26

wew,,, finally i watched this until the finale~~ \(^_^)/
well,, they gave us a good end~~

epi 24: wew,, AliciaXSelvaria battle scene didn’t fill my expectation~~ T^T it was more cool on the first battle T^T
epi 25: Selvaria do some self-destruct so Alicia and the other regular fie too, but luckily Alicia can save her own self. Maximillian shows his greediness here. he shot Selvaria servants, just because he said selvaria was a good person.
Cordelia-hime was a darcsen! yuppu, i shocked with this one. she revealed this because maximillian want to marry her for political reason, but, Gallia people will have no profit with these.

ep 26: wew,,, there was AliciaXMaximillian battle scene here,, MAximillian uses some spear like what Alicia use. it can emitted the same power like Alicia,,, Alicia won~~

BUT,, Where’s mai FALDIO!! T^T at the middle, he was shot and throw some bomb,, huaa~~ i didn’t saw him in the epilouge,,, *cry
someone,, please tell me he was alive,, :((


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