Umineko no Naku Koro ni 14

umineko 14
There was a nice battle between beatrice and ex-beatrice,,, *grin at first beatrice was plotting a clever strategy here. She said she summon 2 tower with armor here, but actualy she summoned 4 tower, the other 2 stand right behind ex-beatrice, so she didn’t realize it. Ex-beatrice summoned some god’s spear then beatrice was stabbed by it. Ex-beatrice try to mockingly revive beatrice, with her trademark sentence. ‘remember your former beautiful form’ but beatrice said that sentence too to ex-beatrice as she explained about the 4 tower. And actualy, before beatrice was stabbed, ex-beatrice was stabbed first. Then, she disappeared. well, not disappeared completely, cuz she appeared again as Battler supporter.
Battler didn’t admit this scene. He said where’s the proof for those fantasy scene. Ex-beatrice was supporting him.

the sacrifices for the first twilight was Shannon, Genji, Kinzo, Kanon, Kumasawa, and Gohda. they’re all killed in a closed room, and each key of the room was scattered around the other room. shannon’s corpse room’s key was in kanon’s corpse rooms. kanon’s corpse room key was in kumasawa’s corpse room, and goes on this circle. shanon’s corpse room was entered by breaking the window’s glass.

Battler said that on of them was the villain, but accidently killed when he/she tried to escaped, so it makes this pattern. when beato want to proof it in Red, suddenly Renovo shuted beato’s mouth and said that they need to discuss it first,,,

Eva-baa san found the key to the golden room,, and to be continued,, i mean, she solved the epitaph riddle.


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