Garnet Cradle ~Sugary Sparkle~ and ~Ark of Phantasm~
garnet cradle
yay~~!! finally they made a fandisk for GC game,, ^0^ even though it isn’t released yet, i will wait patiently for this one ^__^

beside this fandisk, Spica made a new game too titled Garnet Cradle ~Ark Of Phantasm~
but the platform isn’t confirmed yet,,, it is said that this was mobile game,, >.<
hope this was for PC~~
i like the shota there,,, ^^v


8 thoughts on “Garnet Cradle ~Sugary Sparkle~ and ~Ark of Phantasm~

  1. Chie says:

    sou desu yo,, ds-san~~
    CARNELIAN wa ii~~ ^0^

    the first one was a fandisk, and the ~ark of the phantasm~ isn’t confirmed yet the release date and the platform~~ i hope it’s for PC,, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Chie says:

    umm~~ maybe their physics was,, but, their expression was kind of different~~ Tsubaki looks more tsun~~ ^^v

    unn,, i think it’s a spin-off

    • Chie says:

      iya olen, lom ada, bahkan mungkin nggak akan pernah ada translationnya T.T
      game utk co aja cm sedikit yang di translate, apalagi game utk ce >_< despite from this is a mobile game

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