Umineko no naku koro ni 12 & 13

Umineko 12

ugyaa~~ umineko 3rd arc. on epi 12, i saw Beato loli-version~~ *kyaa~n she’s so cute. actually, Beatrice isn’t a person names, it is a name that can be passed through their power. ‘Beatrice’ name was for a witch that have enormous power of magic, endless magic. ou, almost forgot, they’ve made a minor changed on the OP,, besides the pic on the beginning, they’ve add other pic like the seven stake.

i think so far, the things happened was the same with the 1st arc, but this one kin of the ‘answer’ for the 1st arc.

Umineko 13
on epi 13, Rosa confessed here that she saw Beato died. a long time ago, Beato was a pure human, trapped in a homunculus body and a big house. she can’t go outside cuz she’s being told, that there were many wolves there, until Rosa come to that house and told Beato that there was no wolf. but, alas, Beato’s feet, slipped in a cliff, and she fell down from there.

Beato choose Kinzo, Shannon, Kanon, and Ginzo-san for the sacrificed for the first twilight. and then to be continued~~ ^^v


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