Valkyria Chronicles – epi 23

VAlkyria Chronicles 23

Alicia accepted to be a regular. But she still felt hesitance, we can tell from her eyes. Then. Squad 7 (except Welkin) decided to see Alicia directly, but they were being distracted by the other regular. Then, some of the higher passed them and carelessly said that Alicia was a monster. Rossie was so angry, and then they’re fighting. Welkin came to stop them, but because the regular higher was insulting Alicia in front of him, he was angry and involved in the fighting.

I don’t know, was Welkin already know about his true feeling towards Alicia or not, but it seems he’s still hesitate. Cordelia-hime visited Alicia, and asks her one wish for her. Alicia said she wants Welkin and Faldio’s squad can in to their hometown safely after the war.

The scene when Maximillian-sama hold the blue rose was so cool \(-^^-)/

And looks like on epi 24, alicia will fight against Selvaria,,,
Hopes it will be a cool episode,,


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