Umineko no Naku Koro ni – epi 11

Umineko 11

Shanon revealed her true power here, but unfortunately, Beatrice’s power still too strong, so she and George was killed,,,
Rosa-baa san suspected Battler as the wolf, because he’s accidentally hold the letter on the table, she thinks that battler was the one who put it over there, cuz no one except him could do it,,,

this is the most despicable episode for me,, -_-;; Battler becomes Beatrice’s Furniture, stupid like a stray dog,, -_-
Rosa-baa san fought with the wolf-furniture,, with maria-chan of course,, but alas, they were caught by Beatrice and Maria’s head was chopped and being putted in a dinner table, then served to Rosa,,, she’s being tortured,,,

and then surprisingly, Battler raised up again, against Beatrice,,, jitsu wa na,, it’s kind a odd for me,,,
cuz, i didn’t get who’s the winner,,?? T^T

and Beatrice said another game, it means epi II right??
but the end of epi 2 was odd,,, T^T

dareka, explain to me please??? T^T


5 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro ni – epi 11

  1. Marion says:

    It should be understood – piece Battler became the furniture, not Meta World-Battler. The latter still does not believe in Beatrice and is still ready to fight. ‘Arcs’ are called ‘games’ in the series – every arc is a new game. So now the third arc/game is ready to start.

    There is no winner again. Beatrice wins if Meta-Battler submits to her and he wins if he can disprove the culprit being a witch using magic. Because of this a new game must commence.

    Hope that explained it XD Because things will get more complicated.

  2. Chie says:

    @marion: thx for your explanation,,, ^0^ but there’s still one more thing i didn’t get, what is Meta-battler??? ๐Ÿ˜•

    @mito: okay,,, ^^, it’s fine,,

    • Marion says:

      Meta-Battler is the Battler from the very first game/arc, who declared war on Beatrice and said he would solve the game and deny her existence. Him and piece Battler cannot communicate in any way, but it’s possible that piece Battler’s emotions are influenced by his meta counterpart.

      As I said, Meta-Battler needs to accept Beatrice for her to win – not piece Battler.

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