Pandora Hearts – ch 40

wew,, o.0 Giru goes yandere here~~ he almost shot Zai with his gun,, but, distracted by Break,,, he almost shot Break too~~

/me hates Zai~~ *madmad in this chapter, revealed that the one who dropped Oz to the Will of Abyss was Zai Vessalius, his own father. Giru the one who said it to Break. If we track back again to chap. 1, we saw that Giru tried to stopped Oz from stabbing the man who attacked him. it is because Giru saw that man’s face, Zai Vessalius’s face.

chikuso,,!! i really hate Zai, he ignored his own son at the Sabrie, and only helped Elliot Nightray,, T^T


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