Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

yeah, as you know this one have a similar title with higurashi, and actualy the genre and animu studio were the same too~~

epi 1 was created well. when i saw Maria, it really is creep me out, her yandere chara was too creepy T^T
and one of them have the same name with me *lolz
and the funniest is, she’s a kyonyuu chara too,, *lolz *gyaha

it is still flowing normally on epi 1,, there isn’t any violence yet.

oh almost forgot, the OP really is great, it was singed with twi language, japan and err,, i don’t really know the 2nd language, but it’s somekin dof latin language,, cool,, ^^, sugoii desu wa~~

still progressing on epi 2~~


4 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

  1. kyonqchie says:

    yeah~~ it is a good song~~ their voice on that france/italian language is cool, and matched with the video OP,, ^__^

    hey, you’re ava is cute~~ ^^, kawaii mikage~~

  2. Mito says:

    Ah! Thank you! I love mikage in this form.. Because it just like my hamster face.. XD (gomene mikage!) Yeah, umineko OP song was soo good..maybe you could download it from mediafire or gendou.. XP

  3. kyonqchie says:

    yeah~~ i’m downloading the single rite now from indowebster~~ ^^v
    it’s good, almost as good as FictionJunction songs~~ ^^, cuz sometimes they add another language too on their songs,,

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