Kiichi’s arc

it is indeed the most mundane arc i played on this game,,,, -_-;;
i almost got sleep in the middle~~ FTW
so, i skipped 4 days on his arc T^T and i don’t really regret it,,,

kiichi-senpai’s arc only have one little secret, Sakurazawa-sensei, that sensei with pink hair, actually Kiichi’s mother, and she isn’t a human, she’s an incubus! FTW, this distortion really is not good, so it means that Kiichi and Saliya is the same, cuz both of them is a child from an incubus an a human,,, but, why didn’t Saliya could live normal as a human like Kiichi?? okashii deshou,, T^T kawai sou,, saliya,, T^T

and for addition, he is the most stupid character here,, cuz he is often got fooled by Rihito,, *yare2


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