Garnet Cradle overall

Recently i’ve played this game and allerady finished one route. it’s Saliya’s BE (bad end) routes. in order to get the GE (good end) i have to play other guy’s route -_-” it’s suck, i don’t want to play rihito’s arc to be honest. i hate him. you’ll understand when you saw him on saliya’s arc, he’s freaking yandere 0.o

This is a Story about a senior high school girl student that never want to fall in love. one day she choosed as the “Amira” in her school, Amira duties is to play a story with Amiru (another boys student).
someday, she see a black cat with diffrent eye color. that cat always appeared at her dream. until finally somehow she find her self awake at a world called miftaf. she thought that it was just a dream, but the next day she wake up at miftaf again. so everyday she crossed over 2 diffrent world.

Garnet Cradle scan

Garnet Cradle scan


5 thoughts on “Garnet Cradle overall

  1. Ufra Neshia says:

    Sorry if I disturb you again. I already get Grimm’s torrent (currently downloading, thank’s to you ^ ^). But, I don’t know how to register at otome dreams, so I can’t download Sugary Sparkle (can’t speak/read chinese), can you help me?

    • Chie says:

      well,, i don’t register over there too, since i can’t read chinese,, but i search it on , and the links belong to otomedream,,

  2. Ufra Neshia says:

    So it is… then, can you give me the keyword you used to search? I already searched for two days without any luck…

    • Chie says:

      hmm,, sorry, i really am forgot
      but one thing for sure
      i search it using the japanese word, the katakana version

  3. Ufra Neshia says:

    I search with this keywords “ガーネット・クレイドル sugary sparkle otome dream” and get two links, first is wallpaper download and the other told me to at least have two posts in otomedreams before I can access the page. can you help me T T

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