Yo Jin Bo

this is the first otome game (for me) that translated on english,,, ^^,

we’re palying as Saya here, an ordinary girl, someday accidently pick some strange jewel.

at night in here room, strange girl appear before her from the jewel, her name was Hatsuhime, she ask Saya to save her life. somehow, Saya sent to past and trapped in Hatsuhime body,,

we’re being as a lost hostage here, then 6 bogyguards come to help hatsuhime that right now is saya.

i have finished Yo and Ittosai’s arc,,, all of them was great,,,

although there’s no high quality bishie on here XP, still it has nice story,, ^^,

and their jokes was so funny, even thugh it’s on Edo times, they’re talking about american idol, anime, game, and such thing that makes me lolz,, ^0^

the walkthrough said, if you already finished all of the arc, there will be an extra story, that all of the character will becomes host!! wow,, i can’t wait for this scene,,, ^^,


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